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Cliccare per ingrandireThe groundfloor

The ground floor is characterized by a pleasant entry, a bathroom gained from the ancient firewood furnace, one small but well equipped kitchen and by a living and dining room that, divided by an open wide arc in stone, creates an only great room obtained from the ancient stable.
The living room is characterized by an important fireplace in volcanic stone, the ceiling in chestnut tree beams and terracotta, the carpets, the foulards with vivid colors laid on seats and sofa, the armchair in red skin and the table in bent crystal, the lighting system with candles together with lamps of modern design, create a magical atmosphere. All is essential and simple, but nothing came across.Cliccare per ingrandire
The kitchen is glad and pleasant. The dining room is enriched by an old one madia, by a table with obvious scars caused by the time and usage, covered chairs, cross-stitched pillows and by walls plastered with engraving and pantings with frames in carved wood.



Cliccare per ingrandireThe first floor

A staircase in stone, paved like the entire surface in painted tiles of enameled terracotta and painted in white in the risings of the steps, leads you to the first floor, where a time were arranged the alimentary commodities and where now you'll find the other part of the house: a bathroom and two double bedrooms, equipped with old furnitures, dissimilar one from the other in the colors and the tapestries.Cliccare per ingrandire
The host one dipped in the yellow and gold of the big bed and the drapes of the windows. The guest one characterized by two ancient iron bed and by the blue color of the drapes and quilt. Cliccare per ingrandire
On the walls cross-stitched pictures representing ducks. Each room offers a unique sight over the olive garden and lake, like the frame of a precious painting.


All the ingredients for the mental and physical well-being are present. An indispensable relax, before diving itself again into the tumultuous life of the city.