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Check for availability
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Please choose the period you want to reserve and then click "check availability" button, the fill in the form with the required data and click "send the request" button. In a very short time we will get in touch with you confirming the availability for the requested period, price and method of payment.
N.B. The request of availability is not binding.


After your request, we will send you an email containing: the confirmation of the availability of the country house for the requested period, the total price you'll have to pay, and the bank coordinates in order to pay the deposit to confirm the reservation.
The deposit must be paid within 5 working days and the amount is specified in the upper part of this page and in the email we will send.
The reservation becomes binding for us when we'll receive an e-mail or a fax with the receipt of the bank payment.
You'll be contacted again after 5 or 7 working days when we'll receive from our bank the confirm for the deposit.
The balance will be paid in cash by you directly at your arrival together with a bail bond of 300,00 Euros that will be given back at your departure.


We apply the terms that are in force in the European Community in travelling.
If you want to cancel after your pay down, the following rules are applied: